Our Mission

Financial Shop Solutions is dedicated to providing financial services organizations with the intelligence needed to compete in the marketplace. We supply current, targeted information about key trends and changes in the industry, providing the hard data necessary about products and services offered to maintain a competitive edge. We commit to partnering with our clients to deliver the results required to enhance current and future product and service offerings.

About us

Financial Shop Solutions, privately held and headquartered in South Florida, is a specialized market research company dedicated to the financial services industry. Since our inception in 2008, we have driven advances in research and reporting, customizing products and offering continual innovations in response to the needs of our clients.

Our experienced researchers conceptualize and deliver custom reports which combine published information with additional data obtained by insightful inquiries targeted at specific, up-to-the-minute developments. Our distinctive methodology gives our clients the competitive advantage they seek to successfully optimize fee income, understand the selling process, and maintain awareness of changes in products and services.

Financial market Research Services - Financial Shop Solutions

Our Unique Process

At Financial Shop Solutions, we understand the issues our clients are facing, having years of experience in various segments within the financial industry. We make sure that we have a full understanding of what each client is looking for before we design a custom approach to the project. In addition, comprehensive internal communication is designed to share information about each project among team members, providing the benefit of input from multiple sources.

We focus on excellence, and we pride ourselves on our integrity. We are known and trusted in the industry and we consider every assignment a new opportunity to demonstrate that trustworthiness. Our comprehensive, custom designed approach to research allows us to report unbiased, accurate and up-to-date information to our clients about their competition. Once we have completed the work and delivered the project, we follow up to ensure that our client is completely satisfied.


Mary Morgan is the Founder and President of Financial Shop Solutions, with 17-plus years of experience in the field of competitive research. Before forming FSS, she was Vice President of Client Services and Research at Datatron. Mary has an extensive background working with not only the top banks in the United States but also community banks across the nation. In her work, she provides her clients with the tools and information necessary to create a competitive advantage. She has worked with clients to increase their fee income, evaluate their companies against their competitors, as well as assess their institutional and employee standards. Leading the FSS team, Mary is committed to working closely with her clients to deliver powerful and impactful information.




We are driven to exceed expectations in every encounter. We will always strive to be professional and diligent in our work. Our goal is to provide truly exceptional client service before, during and after delivery of the project. We recognize the complexity of our clients’ products  and services, and we work hard to make sure that we understand the nuances of the research we are undertaking—all the way from target and scenario development to report production and follow-up.

What makes FSS Different?

We provide information about what your competitors are doing. You know how sophisticated the competition is in financial services, and that the only way to win is to stay one step ahead. You do that by having the best information, and that’s what we can provide. You tell us what you need to know, and we devise a custom approach to deliver the answers you need to retain your advantage. If you want pure pricing and feature analysis, we will deliver it. If you want to understand how the competition manages client interactions, we can tell you that. We can provide a view from 10,000 feet or a close-up. We can provide the information in whatever format and level of detail that you require, and that is the FSS difference.

What our Clients are Saying

Believe me when I say that you have any/all future business for shops and that this information is a major help. Terrific service and a tremendous attitude. You are terrific! 

– Director of Consulting Services

From my perspective, you have gone above and beyond, and have met expectations 100%. I am most confident that management here appreciates your work as well. I am sure this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship with Financial Shop Solutions.

– Fee Project Coordinator

I really appreciative the level of detail in the information you provide.

– Senior Vice President and Retail Development Manager

You have been a blessing to us as you were able to get the information we need to make us look really smart. Thank you for your industry expertise.

– Managing Partner

It has given us all valuable insight into their current position in the market place and will be very useful as we work with them to develop strategy. Your specialized services were important to the successful launch of this project.

– Revenue Enhancement Solutions Coordinator

We appreciate all of your efforts and will happily refer you to any of our banking contacts for research help in the future. Thank you for your utmost professionalism in this project!

– Senior Account Executive

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?